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Hey Guys! Hows about we get to know each other? xP

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Hi guys! ❤
Felt like makin' another forum :lol:
It's fun :D

Well anyway, I decided to make a sort of fill in the blanks thingy
So you'll know how to start intro-ing yourself

Here we go! :idea:

Name :
Age :
Gender :

Now for the fun stuff! 8)
Fave anime :
Fave manga :
Fave games :
Fave movies :
Fave anime pairing :
(I know there's a lot but pick the best of them all) --> Fave anime character :
Fave anime lil critter :

Additional info :

And you're done!!!
Just copy and paste, then fill in the blankies! :D

C'mon, you know you want to :hypnosis:

Please? or onion will cry :runaway:

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2 Pjoin-in? on Thu Apr 01, 2010 12:31 am

Name : 竜ヶ峰 帝人
Age : 19
Gender : Classified Information

Fave anime : crap, andami!!!!!!!!!!!! I...cnt..choose....😢
Fave manga : isa pa to......gome, I cnt, really.... 😢
Fave games : synthesia
Fave movies : Kara no Kyoukai
Fave anime pairing : eto p ang isa...pero i hv to made a decision n

cguro for now, RoyAi aq. yeah, Roy X Riza sa FMA. :kawaii:

Fave anime character : isa pa to oh....hmm... Allen Walker!! (ang aagaw, papatayin q!!!)
Fave anime lil critter : Im always Timcanpy, demo Steak kakoii... ❓

Additional info : DON'T CLICK THIS

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Ahahahaha! beaten on my own forum :shock:
Well, since I don't wanna be a hypocrite, here's mine :lol:

Name : Ana Erika Alexandra R. Gumban (yeah long I know, I get that a lot)
Age : 18 (gonna be 19 soon *sob*)
Gender : Female

Fave anime : Fushigi Yugi / Yuugi (Ever since before and still forever! And yeah, so many variations in spelling)
Fave manga : Hmmm...tough one...well right now its gotta be +Anima, I can't seem to get enough of it :D
Fave games : Well, since this is plural, it would have to be : Wonderland online, Nostale, Tales of Pirate, Mixmasters, Zodiac Online, Trickster, and too many to mention or even remember (PM me for more info in these games if you like)
Fave movies : Edward Scissorhands, and for the animated movies, it would have to be Howl's Moving Castle
Fave anime pairing : For now it's still IchiUri! I love IchicgoxIshida! (but it can change over time)
(I know there's a lot but pick the best of them all) --> Fave anime character : Hmmm...another tough one, but I guess its Sha Gojyo coz he's hawt >_>
Fave anime lil critter : Mokona ❤ (from Magic Knights Rayearth)

Additional Info : Ask me anything and I'll tell ya :confuse:

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ok ok since the president herself posted a reply to this forum, guess as vice i can't look away huh?
I didn't really wanna divulge too much info but here we go. But i would just like to apologize in advance since i'm not gonna put my real name here ok? I'll make that a mystery since i already did put a fake name on the forum,so here's my best shot...

Name : Izaya Orihara
Age : 19 (i'm happy since this is still an odd number age,i eally dnt like even number ages,weird huh?)
Gender : Female

Fave anime : Geez luis! You really can't be called a real otaku if you're going to find this an easy question,so I'll answer this way, my fave anime FOR NOW has got to be Durarara or Baka To Test To Shuukanjuu. But the other anime that pops in my mind instantly has got to be Paradise Kiss or Nana...boy that was a tough one, my other fave animes please don't hate me

Fave manga : This is easy since I REALLY LOVE this manga, the answer would be Angel Sanctuary but the anime of this is s***

Fave games : I'm not really a gamey kind of person but I would have to say Left4Dead

Fave movies : All Hayao Miyazaki's movies. period. and what kind of fujoshi am I if i dnt say all BL movies as well?:nosebleed:

Fave anime pairing :AAAAAAAAAAH! I can't answer! Sorry, too many!

(I know there's a lot but pick the best of them all) --> Fave anime character : ??????eh? doushite??? I can't i'm sorry!

Fave anime lil critter : Is Emily from Pandora Hearts considered a lil critter? Coz id she is, then I'll go with Emily or I'll have to choose Usa-chan from Ouran if that plush toy is considered a lil critter too...*sigh*

Additional Info : What do you want to know except my name?hehe... 8)

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Imiki 【忌寸】
Imiki 【忌寸】
Hi Guys... :D

how r u? :lol:

i'm Jhame Kevin Trayfalgar from bacolod. :)

nyc knowing you guys.. :hi:

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Hello everyone!!

Name : Pristine Domingo
Age : 19
Gender : Female

Now for the fun stuff! Cool

Fave anime : well, i must agree that this a very hard question. but i am watching kaichou wa maid-sama right now. its interesting.

Fave manga : i read anything that i could get my "eyes" on. anything as long as the drawing is very good and the story fantastic. i like the twists. but right now i'm reading "thousand years of snow".

Fave games : i dont really play much games. gumenasai...

Fave movies : ... funny and romantic movie is ideal but i can watch anything that is interesting.

Fave anime pairing : javascript:emoticonp(':oops:')
ahhhh.... i must agree there are too may too pick one. it would be unfair if i only choose one.

(I know there's a lot but pick the best of them all) --> Fave anime character : as of right now i'm thinking of haruhi of ouran high school host club. i think...javascript:emoticonp(':?:')

Fave anime lil critter : javascript:emoticonp('😓') this is sooooo hard. my head its gonna ***BOOM****..

Additional info : i'm a very complex person. at least i think so. javascript:emoticonp(':lol:')

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Name : Nadia Theresa Ciocon :hi:
Age : 17
Gender : Female

Now for the fun stuff!
Fave anime : Oh dear :?: this won't fit but I just type in the anime I am watching/ watched this year; Axis Powers Hetaila, To Aru Majutsu no Index, Tengen Toppa GURREN LAGGAN :lol:,KYOU, KOI WO HAJIMEMASU, Souko no Strain
Fave games : Sonic Heroes, Sonic Riders, House of the Dead2, Gakuen Hetalia :nosebleed:
Fave movies : for the moment I like Prince of Persia
Fave anime pairing : Sorry I just cant pick one :confuse:
(I know there's a lot but pick the best of them all) --> Fave anime character : KAMINA-SAMA ⭐
Fave anime lil critter : Boota

Additional info : Im very eccentric at times through my choices of anime, art and drama cds? But I can be a loyal friend for life too just beware of my hugs

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8 intro on Tue Jun 08, 2010 10:01 pm

Name : Caren Jan Thomas
Age : 18
Gender : female

Now for the fun stuff! Cool
Fave anime : so many to mention... but here are the few... ranma1/2, gundam seed,gundam seed destiny, inuyasha, bleach, detective conan, dance in the vampire bund... and many more i just forgotten the others
Fave manga : i love many manga too... but right now im keeping track of.. defense devil, hana to akuma, code:breaker, kongou banchou, mahou sensei negima, dragon knights, tsubasa reservoir, clamp school detectives, man of many faces, card captor sakura... and many more
Fave games : sorry i dont play any games
Fave movies :ironman, ironman2, sherlock holmes, alvin and the chipmunks, alvin and the chipminks2 and many more...
Fave anime pairing : kira and lacus, inuyasha and kagome, ranma and akane, akira and utako, suoh and nagisa and it grows as long as i read and watch anime
Fave anime character : so many fave but my number one is lacus clyne
Fave anime lil critter : there is with from dnangel

Additional info : i love to write anime stories unfortunately i dont have the talent for drawing...buhuhuhu..

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- - -
I noticed that there's a Chatbox, so I may have hidden my status but I might log in there once in a while ^__^

Name : Tintin
Age : (check my profile)
Gender : female

Nice to meet you everyone!

I have a twin sister who is very much alike me in many aspects (yes, she's also an otaku and a penciller).

I've been an otaku since my high school years and started drawing then but permanently stopped during college to continue slavedriving my sister to perfection! (mwahahahaha!)

I like all and any anime and manga. I enjoy watching them and doing marathons. I even forget the time when reading manga <--- which are also very good reference materials... I read any and all kinds of manga genres as long as the story isn't crap.

We only have a limited collection of hard copy manga and more than 1,000 titles soft copy.

I hold no bounds when collecting anime and manga as long as I know that it was worth spending my (and my sis' and dad's) money for. hehehe

ahem... *cough*

I'm somewhat the manager and editor (a strict one at that) of my sister's works. I do traditional inking and I enjoy tinkering with manga softwares (I have lots that make me go gaga). I also collect reference materials for my sister's drawings and so far I've compiled them into skyscrapers, and even made some workshop lesson plans. I see to it that what we do would sell and make us feel it was worth it!

Oh, I also tend to revise the revised version of the already revised and yet to be revised stories we made to make them interesting, much to my sister's chagrin. I'm a stickler for details and complex mysteries. Everything else gets scrapped if I'm not satisfied. We work very well if we find something challenging and motivates us to do even better. ^__^

In manga, I like the works of:

* Kyoko Hikawa
* Kako Mitsuki
* Aoi Hiragi
* Nakamura Yoshiki
* Chiho Saito
* Tomo Matsumoto
* Rinko Ueda
* Shinohara Chie
* Enjouji Maki
* Miura Noriko
* Saki Aikawa

... and more to come up if I recall them...

I don't mind doing critiques for artworks but be warned that I'm very strict. My critiques may depend on how long a person has drawn or how much practice and effort he has put in doing it. Do take note also that one of my fave motto is "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." Honestly, I've put people older than me to tears because of how direct I can be.

I'm also interested in animation and 3D. I really want to learn doing these and I'm wondering when I'm gonna start learning it... heheheh. And another note about me, the first time I meet people I tend to forget what they look like but I can recognize familiar faces and remember names, only that I can't put in what the person looked like... ^^;

I also like dogs ^___^! They're adorable! I guess that's about all for the moment.

- - -

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OK. I'm here--- my twin dragged me along. XD

Name : Leen
Age : (check the profile)
Gender : female

Fave anime, Fave manga, Fave games, Fave movies, Fave anime pairing, (I know there's a lot but pick the best of them all) --> Fave anime character, Fave anime lil critter

Answering all of the above... lets just say I don't have any specific favorites, I like just about all of them.^^; What kind of otaku would only choose 1 or 2 favorites anyway?

I'm not very picky with anime or manga since I have an inclination of 'observing' the artwork and storyline rather than how good or bad it was. So if anyone were to ask for recommendations on the topic, I'd be more than inclined to point out the artwork than the series as a whole.

But as for games... o_O; I stopped playing. It's the main cause for distraction when I'm supposed to be working. T___T

Additional info :

PERSONALITY: moody~ (which artist isn't? XP) but I'm not a snob, nor am I temperamental (<-- I'll leave that to my twin), I just let things go most of the time. If someone doesn't push me to do so, I procrastinate.

SKILLS: I'm a traditional artist, penciller and sometimes inker (to the despair of my oh-so-loving sister as I always ruin my works when I get a hold of inks, and destroy her pens in the process). From manga artist I reverted to being an illustration artist. I'm a stickler for details in my drawings. My drawing style differs on my mood.

If anyone wanna learn to draw, I'd be happy to help.^^ But I'm not a pro, I just have years of drawing experience. If anyone wants proof of my abilities, go here: 2inK <-- link to my gallery shared with my twin. Some are crap, some are I'm satisfied with.

MY BLOG: Bloodberry's Drawing Blog <--It's new, and currently still putting in more things relating to my drawing background.

Oh, and I'm also a member of Otaku Geirin Iloilo.^^

**Oh, I speak Ilonggo but I always lapse into English when online. XD

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Michinoshi【道の師 ・ 道師】
Michinoshi【道の師 ・ 道師】
Yoroshikuuuuu~~ :3 mneko

Name : Rosheil Parel
Age : 14
Gender : JOSEI~! XD

Now for the fun stuff! (Whee?)

•Fave anime : No animé currently holds my heart... Suggestions?

•Fave manga : Gakuen Alice, Kamichama Karin... Special A... Yeah... Mostly shoujo stuff.. cbore AND Negima!. It's shounen, right?

•Fave games : Err... No games (=3=) (Pwede tubig-tubigan? XD)

•Fave movies : The Sorcerer's Apprentice :3

•Fave anime pairing : ... k-k-kadamo ko faveees :(... NatsumexMikan cheart , RoyxRiza, EdwardxWinry/Al (OMGYAY)... uurrgg... (=_=) Oh.. KAITOxLEN, KAITOxICECREAM (Huo ah, di na xa anime char... BUT STILL!)

•(I know there's a lot but pick the best of them all) --> Fave anime character : This question never fails to kill me... Natsume Hyuuga or Edward Elric YEH!

•Fave anime lil critter : Tako Luka :3

Additional info : I'm an artist (quite amateuristic... HA? O_O), I love cats and dogs, I love chocolate, I'm neutral about my height (Why do I have to be tall????? TT_TT), I have a secret "man-self" ...

AND I'M CURRENTLY OBSESSED WITH VOCALOID! (obvious naman sa Pic kag Sig ko XD)

Sin-o da may dA account?? :3

Kag may iban pa da nga GA fan?? Natsume fangirls, hello????? TT^TT (I'm alone, I hope NOT)

Naystomityuoltenkyuberymach :3 :burp: :bye:

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Name :Ma.Arlui M. Ywayan
Age :18
Gender :Female

Fave anime :vampire knight, naruto,wallflowers...etc :3 wew M2M ~____~
Fave manga :♥️Vampire Knights
♥️Black Bird
♥️Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
♥️Heart no kuni no Alice
♥️Gakuen Alice
♥️Otokomae!Beads Club
♥️Beast Master
♥️Boku wa Kisu de Uso wo Tsuku
♥️Bloody Kiss
♥️99% Love
♥️Aoi Kiseki
♥️Ouchi e Kaerou
Fave games : iDate♥️
Fave movies :ice age, kung fu panda, XD
Fave anime pairing :►Kaname♥️Yuuki♥️Zero
(I know there's a lot but pick the best of them all) --> Fave anime character :kaname♥️
Fave anime lil critter :

Additional info :im an otaku..period :3

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Name : Jheng Jorbina (Erza) >_<
Age : 19
Gender : Female-half male???? Wahahahaah... i'm still trying to figure out :pjavascript:emoticonp('cconfuse')

Now for the fun stuff! 8)javascript:emoticonp('cdoki')
Fave anime :ONE PIECE, Fairy Tail, Naruto, Death Note, Fushigi Yuugi and UFO baby (daa! daa! daa!)

Fave manga :Beast Master, Jing King of bandits, etc.... O.O

Fave games :uhhhhhhhh Tumba Patis???? hahaha Kidding... played Cabal but I stopped.... i really don't have that so-called "gamer's blood"

Fave movies :Tomb Raider, Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones and any Japanese films like Hana yori Dango etc. hehehe

Fave anime pairing : Koizumi Risa and Otani Atsushi (Lovely Complex)

(I know there's a lot but pick the best of them all) --> Fave anime character :(sumimasen... it's hard to choose among them! *sniff *sniff T_T)javascript:emoticonp('ccry') Luffy, Shikamaru, Erza Scarlet and.... dann! daAAnnn! dan! dan! ~Roronoa Zoro! Forever ♥️_♥️
Fave anime lil critter :PLUE from Rave and Fairy Tail! haha kawaiiiiiiii >_<

Additional info :
uhhhhh.... intro.... wat 2 say??? hhehehe.... ummmmm.....javascript:emoticonp('cconfuse')

According to others I am--> childish , Silly, Smart <Not the Sim. :))>, Have lots of 'gimmicks', scary when angry (kOwaiii??? or kAwaiiii??? heheh juz kidding!), friendly, approachable, and often quiet in big crowdsjavascript:emoticonp('ceyes')

For me I am--> weird, unpredictable, keen in my likes and dislikes, i love meeting new people (esp. those who can relate to what i'm into--> like you guys; fellow otakus), extra- ordinary/special (but i'm not made up of eggs nor chicharun... dat's not what i meant of extra-ordinary... wahahahaahah CHING!), a collector (Frog Stuffs-kerokero), CERTIFIED OTAKU and most of all, I am...... A HUMAN BEING!!!! hahaahh peace >_<javascript:emoticonp('cyahoo')

+.KeEp RoCkIn OTaKuS.+ cdoki javascript:emoticonp('cbye')

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14 Kunichiwa Minna-san! on Thu Jun 17, 2010 10:36 pm

Uh...oooh lookie! I'm here! cdoki Kunichiwa! *bows* Ano...eto...I'll start now...

Name : Stella. Say it with me. Ste-luh, pronounced Su-te-ra in japanese....but you can call me Chiaki-chan if you want. XD <<<<Delusional person right here!
Age : 18...*sniffles* SO OLD! ccry
Gender : female, and dude, i can still kick some butt. XD

Now for the fun stuff! 8)

Fave anime :*looks left, right, shuffles* Durarara, One Piece, Naruto, Katekyou Hitman Reborn, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Gensomaden Saiyuki, Avatar the Last Air Bender, Prince of Tennis, Death Note, Shadow Skill, Beyblade VForce, Gundam Wing, FMA, FMP, Eyeshield, The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, Ranma 1/2, Flame of Recca, Yu Yu Hakusho, Shugo Chara (both seasons), School Rumble, Hell Girl/Jigoku Shoujo, Claymore, Striker Hungry Heart, Slam Dunk, Air Gear, Tsuyokiss...erm...Blood Plus, GunXSword, HunterXHunter, Digimon01, Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge, Lovely Complex, D.NAngel, Daa!Daa!Daa!...need I go on?
Fave manga : Midnight Secretary...>) Skip Beat, Sabuten no Himitsu, Chocolate Cosmos, Love Berrish, Naruto, Fairy Tail, AAA, B.O.D.Y, Special A, Bokura wa Itsumo, Kimi ni Todoke, Ice Revolution, Desire Climax (hey, don't judge!), Koibana! Koiseyo Hanabi, Kyou Koi wo Hajimemasu, Orange Planet, Girl Got Game, Suki Desu, Suzuki-kun, Zodiac P.I and a lot more, but I've lost my list so...cdiff
Fave games : Chrono Cross
Fave movies : I just fried my brain remembering those above, I can't remember all the movies I've watched too! T^T
Fave anime pairing : SASUSAKU, SASUSAKU! cdoki RanRei! KaiHil! Um...Tofuu!!! ZoNa! LucyLoki/Gray! Uh...HaruHibari...? Zutara! KyoukoRen and, okay, okay, I'll stop now...
(I know there's a lot but pick the best of them all) --> Fave anime character : SAKURA! RAN!!!!!! Uh...Saya. Ai. Miko. And all the kick ass anime females!
Fave anime lil critter : POKEMON!!!! No contest! Well, except maybe for a poring but nyaaaa~~cyahoo

Additional info : I draw anime and make manga. I write fanfiction. I read fanfiction. I oooh and ahhh at CG and DigiArts. I GO CRAZY OVER ANIME! HELL YEAH! csqueal

Simply put. Me=crazy. Mwahahahahaha >)

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hello everyone! didnt even know about the club before yesterday... i was just about to go home when i noticed that my classmates were heading for room 10 and i got curious...

so anyway,i went to the club's meeting yesterday and submitted an application..

hope its ok to post here chide

Name : Joe
Age : 19
Gender : Male

Fave anime : i'd have to say FMA (the 1st series, havent been able to watch brotherhood yet).. others include Black Lagoon,Eureka 7,Vandread, Elfen Lied, Blood , NGE
Fave manga : Liar game, yankee kun megane chan, bitter virgin
Fave games : most of my games arent really related to anime, so...
Fave movies : Akira.. this one was epic, too bad i lost my copy
Fave anime pairing : Rock and Revy (black lagoon)
Fave anime character : sakuragi hanamichi
Fave anime lil critter : Plue, the weirdest dog-guardian/ traffic cone in my anime viewing history

well, i guess that's it... csmile

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Name :grace or megumi in japanese....
Age : top secret!!!
Gender : totally female

Now for the fun stuff! 8)
Fave anime : Prince of Tennis, Special A, Blood +, D.Grayman, Bleach, Fruits Basket, Full
Metal Achemist and Samurai X.... these are just few... hmmmm...
Fave manga : d.gray man
Fave games : games? does farmville or sorority life counts?
Fave movies : Prince of Tennis: Two Samurai, FMA: conqueror of shamaballa,
FMA: the blind alchemist
Fave anime pairing : me and Tezuka Kunimitsu gfan

no just kidding... I don't know ... I'm more of a shounen fan to be interested in

(I know there's a lot but pick the best of them all) --> Fave anime character :
Fave anime lil critter : timcanpi [d.grayman]

Additional info : I'm totally into the world of anime, mangas and jpop.... call me crazy but that's who I am ,,,,

♪tonde tonde mawatte isshukan konna monde donna monde mata raishuu♪♪♪ gfight

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Name : Ian
Age : 17
Gender : Male

Now for the fun stuff! 8)
Fave anime : Code Geass, Naruto, Casshern Sins, Yatterman, Gundam Wing, Rurouni Kenshin, Azumanga Daioh, Witchblade, Canaan, Detroit Metal City, Voltes V, SD Kamen Rider OVA, GateKeepers, FMA too many to mention but all time favorite, Little Lord Flauderoy aka Cedie ang Munting Prisipe!
Fave manga : The Skull Man (1970) nuff said.
Fave games : Final Fantasy VI
Fave movies : Kamen Rider Decade: All Riders vs. DaiShocker, The Star Wars Trilogies, Naruto the Movie 1, The Dark Knight and Kamen Rider vs. Shocker, pure fighting goodness with two people wearing a bug suit!
Fave anime pairing : Ukiya X Ruriko from GateKeepers
(I know there's a lot but pick the best of them all) --> Fave anime character : Shun Ukiya
Fave anime lil critter : Botan from Clannad, puhi! :3

Additional info :

I love potatoes, hates Celine Dion songs that once I see an album, I will place behind in any album in the shelf, same goes with Justin Bieber albums. I am a jack of all trades, master of a couple, I have a weird hobby of imitating "Henshin" poses especially Kamen Rider BLACK's pose! TOH!

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Imiki 【忌寸】
Imiki 【忌寸】
visit naman kamo sa chat box. hahahaha

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jhamekevin wrote:visit naman kamo sa chat box. hahahaha
diin chat box aw ?

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the third menu up there below the banner...

it goes--> HOME PORTAL CHATBOX SEARCH --- etc.

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OR... scroll all the way down on the forum boards you can also enter the chat box from there, and you can see how many and who are logged in currently.^^

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Inaki 【稲置】
Inaki 【稲置】
Hello!! Taga Bacolod USLS na di tanan?? Ayos ayos ah!! Basi may kilala ko di bala irl haw, hehe.

Name: aine
Age : 18
Gender : female

Fave anime : Gintama, Seto no Hanayome, Midori no Hibi, Soul Eater, One Outs, Ookuki Furikabutte, Eyeshield21, Kekkaishi, Stongest Disciple Kenichi, Kuro Shitsuji, damu pa! mostly comedy/shounen stuff
Fave manga : Skip Beat, Nononono, Wolf Guy, Franken Fran, Doujin Work, Wild Life, Yankee-kun to Megane-chan, Liar Game, Gamble Fish, Noblesse (manwha), and yaoi titles nyahahaha
Fave games : Persona 3 & 4, Shin Megami Tensei titles, Final Fantasy Series, Shadow Hearts Series, Harvest Moon Series, Alien Hominid, Dragon Age, mostly RPG or JRPG stuff
Fave movies : Ip Man 1&2, Gladiator, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Disney/Pixar titles, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Spirited Away, Tim Burton titles atbp
Fave anime pairing : Mihashi X Abe , Ciel X Sebastian, Gintoki X Hijikata
(I know there's a lot but pick the best of them all) --> Fave anime character :
Fave anime lil critter : Sadaharu!! (little ba yon?!)

Additional info : 4th year na ko nga nursing! haha tawa ko gani sang nagclub meeting sang june 17, jutay lang kami nga 4th year hehe.. mejo cramped ang schedule namin so most probably i'll be a ghost member and seldom show up at meetings, but.. otaku geirin,,you have my support!!!!


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not all members here are students or from USLS Bacolod...

some are students from a different school and some of us are already working ^_^

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Michinoshi【道の師 ・ 道師】
Michinoshi【道の師 ・ 道師】

Hi guys!! here's my profile..

Name : Jannelle May P. Alvarez
Age : I'm biologically 19, physically 17, psychologically 10..haha!! *ganun?*
Gender : 49% male, 51% female

Now for the fun stuff! 8)

*one answer lang per quesiton*

Fave anime : Ouran High School Host Club
Fave manga : Shitsurakuen *as of now*
Fave games : eh??currently wala.
Fave movies : Spirited Away
Fave anime pairing : Kaname Chidori and Sousuke Sagara *Full Metal Panic*
Fave anime character : mmm..i don't want to answer this..

Additional info : I'm a 4th year BS ECE student from USLS..i love texting and that's all..haha!! kayo na po bahala magdiscover sa ugali ko ^_^

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Inaki 【稲置】
Inaki 【稲置】
SlackerLord wrote:not all members here are students or from USLS Bacolod...

some are students from a different school and some of us are already working ^_^

Ahh, okie, hehehe.
Thanx for the heads up!
I guess this just proves the "Anime is for kids" adage false. churrah

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