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TIPS to avoid hacking! HERE WE GO!

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1 TIPS to avoid hacking! HERE WE GO! on Fri Apr 02, 2010 3:14 pm


Hey again guys! Everyone needs to keep safe in the internet, coz we can't avoid scammers, spammers, perverts and especially hackers! So here's a little list of the Do's and Don'ts in the internet! Most of these are just reminders since we already know them, but when we DO forget, it could cost us our PC's, or even worse, it can burn a mental image into our minds which we have to live with for the rest of our lives! :( goes nothing!
1.) For gamers, don't give your account information to complete strangers, or even to people you THINK you know. People online aren't always what they seem to be, and believe me, most of my game buds have had this experience. They tell you they'll level your character, and when you get your account back, either all your stuff is gone, your account has been suspended or your password's been changed. The first two problems can't be solved, but you can change your password through the email confirmation you received in the game. Also, report those players to admins and mods. ;)
2.) After logging in to an IP address that isn't yours, always make sure that "THAT" computer doesn't save cookies, history or passwords! :o How to check if it did save your username and password? That's easy! Just refresh the page and retype the first letter of your user name. It should appear as a suggestion. If it doesn't have your username, well that's great! But if it does, then just highlight the suggested username without clicking it with the mouse and press DELETE on they keyboard. This should automatically delete the password together with the username.
IMPORTANT NOTE! :lol: Check and Recheck several times if you want it to be really safe!
3.) Keep your anitvirus software updated! Guess how Vanessa Hudgens got her pics on the net? :oops: That's right! Spyware! This is a form of hacking too, and those antivirus softwares that don't protect our PC's from this are easy prey! So keep it updated, or risk your personal info getting hacked. If you don't have capabilities or the money to have spyware protection, then its better to write down your personal stuff or keep it in a flash drive or external harddrive with a password on it!
4.) After surfing the net for pornography (Don't deny it cause we're all curious b******s), always check your computer for viruses. Again, some spyware come from these sites, and most viruses as well, which could yet again make your PC easy prey. :runaway:
5.) Finally! Put passwords to your personal data on your PC! In case spyware does appear, it'll need a password to access those files. Better safe than sorry!

Well, that's about it! thanks for reading this post and happy surfing! :bye:

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