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Anime Titles You Want to Watch But You Can't

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1 Anime Titles You Want to Watch But You Can't on Wed Jul 28, 2010 12:28 pm


First is this,
A Dog of Flanders/Nelo at Patrasche it was aired in ABS-CBN back in the 80's. It is said to be one of the classic novels turned anime that really made quite a hit! Seriously, they should re-air this title or release DVD's of it. Just hearing their voice acting makes me want to cry.
Mach Go! Go! Go! The original Japanese dub. But since US acquired the series made it their own as Speed Racer and turned it into a production company, it seems we don't have the chance to watch the original Jap dub.
Casshern Watched Sins, it was awesome, can't watch the original for one reason. Dunno who releases the subs for this!
Astro Boy (60's) Need to say more?
Gatchaman HERO TV has reruns of it but since I don't own cable AND dunno what episode are they in, I can't.

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THANKS for astroboy!


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Anybody remembers Two Years Vacation With Dinosaurs? Also Dragon Quest?
I really...REALLY want to know the ending!!!
It's a very old anime...I watched it on TV5 when I was in Grade 6. mno

I have watched Pygmalio ending (also a classic anime) in French...really, good thing after 7 years ko p nbal-an ya ending ky kn ndi, guro grbe nguyngoy ko sadto mwipe


"The OTAKU Chant"

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I have 2 terabytes I already downloaded but have not watched. Sucks. School takes too much of my time.

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