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School's Out!

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1School's Out! Empty School's Out! on Sun Apr 04, 2010 12:35 pm


Hey guys! Another school year has ended and we're all another year farther into our studies!
So take out that sunblock and that skimpy bikini and let's hit the waves!
That's right! Here it is! The moment almost every student is waiting for! Summer vacation!
Sure this might not be an important event to society, but its an important break for us students!
Especially those who worked their butts off this year just to meet their goals, and usually, just to pass a subject!
We need a little fun in the sun and a little tan at that! :lol:

So I decided to post some ways to enjoy your summer vacation! 8)
Just a few options you might wanna try out :

1.) Read manga! - I've been doing this since the start of summer and still continuing! What better way to spend summer than getting to know your favorite anime as they were originally written right? Free online reading sites for manga are and So, go ahead! Read and don't feel guilty! It's time you give yourself a little break! :D

2.) Watch anime! - Duh! I don't need to tell YOU guys this! You're all otaku's and anime never hurt anyone! So go buy chips, drinks, and take out your favorite anime DVD's! Who ever said reruns weren't interesting? Well, those guys who haven't watched anime before! Happy watching my little couch potatoes! :idea:

3.) SLEEPOVERS! - Hey guys! Haven't slept over at a friend's place during this school year? Well now's the perfect time! Take out your cutest jammies(For girls) or your coolest ones(For guys) and let all hell break loose when it comes to packing! Have an awesome sleepover at your friend's place where you can share manga, watch anime or even just talk! We all know school is pretty busy, so an adventure out of your house will do you some good!

4.) PRODUCTIVITY! - Wanna make use of your summer vacation?! Well take out that drawing kit, notebook or even your sewing materials and let the creativity fly! You can finally start improving on your drawing! Or make art and sell it to other people! You'll be surprised how many people would pay a pretty penny for some original work for a change! Write a book! Believe me, it can tone down stress and make you relax. Apply for a job if you want to earn moneh! I hear some call centers are hiring! Sew cosplay clothes! I know I will! If you wanna, we can make an ukay-ukay date and go rampaging Bacolod! :twisted:

5.) OUTDOORS! - We can never have too much clean air! beaches are nice, but the best place to go in summer if you don't want a tan are the mountains and rivers! Let's head on over to Mambucal! Not the resort, but the many sceneries hidden in this marvelous mountain! Not the pools but the cold and pure spring resorts hidden here! So take out that bathing suit and hiking shorts! To the mountain we will go! ⭐

6.) Get yourself a makeover! It'll be nice to go back to school with a refreshing feeling! Not to mention hitting the beach feeling like a new person! ❤

Well, that's about all my options for you right now!
Happy Easter and Hope you enjoyed your Holy Week guys!
Add some other activities if you want to! The more the better! :sing:

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