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Uso by Visual Kei JRock Band - SID

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1 Uso by Visual Kei JRock Band - SID on Wed Apr 07, 2010 6:54 am

I would like to make a review about the song Uso by SID. SID first and foremost is a Visual Kei JRock band and I am an absolute fan of Jrock. I have to tell you guys as a warning, I have to be the biggest JRock fan in the group plus I am fan girl and an all out fujoshi. What a combination huh? Don't worry though cause I'm not one of those crazy girls that do really embarrassing things I gotta tell you that but nonetheless I am quite proud to be a fan girl and I absolutely demand fan service.

But anyway, enough about that, the topic at hand is of course SID and their song Uso. This song is the first ending song of Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, for those who haven't watched it yet, get off your a** and buy a copy or watch it online. Anyway, the moment and literally the moment I heard this song, I said to myself, "F*** here comes another god that came down from heaven, sheesh, someday us mere mortals are not going to be able to withstand the holiness" I said this because the mans voice and this mans name btw happens to be Mao,is that a coincidence or what?, is like a gods, definitely. The vocals on this man is rendered to be compared. Although the pitch of the voice is like most visual kei rock bands but this has a sort of soaring quality to it especially when he sings the first stanza.It makes you feel like he's taking you to heaven with him. Its very nostalgic as well.

This song feels like the sun as it rises or something when you're walking on the middle of the street after you and your friends had a "lose yourself" night together jamming it out and just being absolutely juvenile and camera-whoring all the way. But anyway, its a beautiful song. And trust me I don't usually use the word beautiful to describe something, I only describe it to an unbelievably demi-god man or something so there you have it. And of oh yeah, I definitely have to include this. The English translation of this song and this song in total is SMART. It has meaning to it unlike other Japanese rock songs. I'm not even kidding. You got to admit it you guys,there are Japanese rock songs out there that just have a great beat and melody to it that you just can't get it out of your head that the whole generality of the song has no sense whatsoever. Its just fool of pretty words but its just a simple love song. This song however lives true to its title. Uso means "lie" btw in Japanese, its beautiful. Thats all I have to say. If you want a copy just pm me or you can download it yourself. As a treat for you suckers and so you can understand what I mean about the lyrics, I'll post them here so you coulf read em'. Enjoy.

BTW!!!!!!!!!!MUST READ! The vocalist of the band Mao is already, and get this, I swear you won't believe me, but he's already 32 YEARS OLD!!!!!!


Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 1st Ending Theme – Uso

Vocals: SID
Lyrics: Mao
Composition: Yuya
Arrangement: SID & Nishihira Akira

Hey, do you remember the scarlet sky, the sky that you saw on that day?
Promises and vows; the early summer wind envelops us; the two of us came closer together

Behind a forced smile, I harbor a grown shadow
So I pretend to not notice it and choose rebirth

I keep waiting for a steady notice on the table
And I knew about everything, the blank nights and the mornings that shouldn’t come, too

Hey, I wonder if you did forget about the scarlet sky, the sky that you saw on that day
Promises shred into pieces; the early summer wind vanished; the two of us can’t go back

In this room where sounds, colors, and temperatures are cut in half
After I mess it up today, too, I stagger, grow tired, and fall asleep

“Deceive me well, okay? I hate yet love lies” were your words
Nowadays, our feelings are hurt, so we bid goodbye

We waved our hands at each other, saying ‘See you again someday’, but we won’t meet anymore, right?
The final lie was a tender lie; I won’t forget about it

Hey, someday, will you recall the scarlet sky, the sky that you saw on that day?
Embracing broken promises, the two of us start walking

Vocals: SID

Ano hi mita sora akane-iro no sora o nee kimi wa oboete imasu ka
Yakusoku chigiri shoka no kaze ga tsutsumu futari yorisotta

Muri na egao no ura nobita kage o kakumau
Dakara kizukanu furi saisei o erabu

Teeburu no ue no furuenai shirase machitsuzu kete
Kuuhaku no yoru mo kuru hazu no nai asa mo zenbu wakattetan da

Ano hi mita sora akane-iro no sora o nee kimi wa wasureta no deshou
Yakusoku chigiri shoka no kaze ni kieta futari modorenai

Oto mo iro mo ondo mo hanbun ni natta kono heya
Kyou mo chirakashite wa yure tsukare nemuru

“Jouzu ni damashite ne uso wa kirai de suki” kimi no kotoba
Imagoro ni natte kimochi wa itai hodo dakara bokura sayonara

Itsuka mata ne to te o furiatta kedo mou au koto wa nai no deshou
Saigo no uso wa yasashii uso deshita wasurenai

Ano hi mita sora akane-iro no sora o nee itsuka omoidasu deshou
Hatasenakatta yakusoku o idaite futari arukidasu

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2 Re: Uso by Visual Kei JRock Band - SID on Sat Jun 19, 2010 1:52 pm

I have this song on my phone love SID!!!

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