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WANTED: Writers, Artists, Programmers & Game Gurus

What crew would you like to be in our Game Plan?

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The title of the game is an action-adventure "11:37" and will run for 30 minutes. This one will serve as a test to know the capacity of each crew.

Everything about him disappeared at 11:37.

Carrying a severed watch that stopped moving after the accident, he searched clues about his past.
But everytime he tried looking, he always met "him"...around 11:37.
And together with "him", unexplained crimes started to occur.
Why was he being played by "him"?

Now that there are people who knows his life and started to chase him,
Will he ever start to trust anybody?
Is there a way to prove that he's innocent along the way?
Or be good as dead like they believed since the beginning?

I. Writers
They are the "brains" in this project. Since this is a game with same plot with different endings, no stories will be denied. The story will be in narrative form, with several dialogues from each characters. The original characters must include the main protagonist, two elderly couple, the mysterious "him" and a woman whom he loves.
From the initial four characters, only "him" doesn't have dialogues. The writers will have the freedom to add characters on their like - with a limit of 5 persons, and to choose who will be the antagonist.
It depends on the writer what genre he/she will be using as conclusion. It's either be romance, tragedy, mystery, psychological, science fiction or happy ending.
Group or individual work, it depends upon you.
Start grabbing your pen and note the set-up you want before second semester ^^
PM me for more information.

II. Illustrators
Unlike the manga where you have to maintain the uniformity of chara in every panel, in illustrating a game you just need to make different expressions and poses. Very simple. And there's no need for you to use computer ^^
Among the sketches that will be submitted, only one character style will be chosen and will be used by all who would contribute in the game.
It's not one style per character. It's one style in all character - like the hair streaks, eyes, curves, etc.
Make it as plain as possible 'coz it will be colored, shaded and edited via Photoshop.

III. Picture Editor
If you love to edit pictures, then this is field is just for you. There's no limit on what program you are using, as long as the result was good.
PM me for more information.

IV. Flash Specialist
The game is an action-adventure type, so there will be some action scenes. We're aiming at R-15 rating, so don't make some effects that will go overboard.
There will be an opening and ending sequence of the game, few action scenes and some extra effects - this will be a piece of cake ^^
PM me for more information.

V. Musical Directors
This is the time of those music enthusiasts to shine!
There's no limit on what kind and how many of instruments you are using, as long as it is appropriate with the game. There will be an opening and ending sequence so better come up with interesting ideas - whether made it on vocals or simply musicals.
Instrumental are highly appreciated.
Better start now this break and feel the music within you~
PM me for more information.

VI. Programmers
All programmers will be using one type of program. This is downloadable in the internet, and open to any OS.
The script that will run in this was unique - so even some newbies in the field of html and java can able to pull this off.
PM me for more information.

So far, these are the crews that was needed. When this trial game be a success, maybe we can include voice actors/actresses and additional characters to be unlocked when the player took another path.

If you want to know what will be the outcome of the game be like, kindly visit this doujin game I'm also contributing (a little XD) :


"The OTAKU Chant"

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(lolz testing...)

"10 more minutes." He whispered to himself.

His hands started shaking uncontrollably as he fondled the broken wristwatch. He had 10 more minutes before the time matched that of his timepiece. Ducking over some exposed pipes, he dashed through the alley, his shoes splashing on the stagnant puddles littered across the mossy pavement. He knew he had to find a place with as few people as possible... at least to minimize the number of casualties.

He hastily made his way into an abandoned building. White plastic sheets coated the wire fence around it, but he found a hole he could enter. He climbed the few steps that led to the entrance, and pushed the old wooden door with his shoulder. Forcing himself to walk forward, he breathed a sigh of relief when he saw nobody was around.

The building was empty. If he would be visited by 'Him' again, he would have no one to hurt in this place.

"3... 2... 1..."

"11:37 pm" He smiled as he stopped counting down.

Almost immediately, he heard footsteps behind him. He turned around and prepared himself to face the tormenting specter that he knew was approaching.

"Hey!" He almost jumped when he heard the voice. "This building is off limits!" This man's face was hidden by the glare of the flashlight pointed at him.

"Oh God! You've got to leave!" He screamed. "Something bad is going to-"

His warning was interrupted by a spray of blood. Within seconds, the man with the flashlight was down on the floor. Dead. The flashlight rolled around to reveal black leather boots standing two feet from the corpse.

The realization struck him almost immediately. It was 'Him' again. "What do you want from me?" He shouted as he moved away, tripping and landing on his backside. When he shuffled to get upright, he saw that the killer was gone. All that was left was the smell of blood, and a corpse brutally slashed on the floor. The man with the black leather boots was gone.

'Another one.' He told himself in despair, almost sobbing. This was the third victim. In the end, he was powerless to prevent it. By tomorrow, this bizarre murder would once again be on the news. Without any other person around, the crime would be likely pinned on him.

As he dashed out of the building, fleeing from the scene, he vaguely saw 'Him' under the lamp post far across the street, his face hidden by a black hat. He held a finger over his mouth, as if to say "Don't tell anybody," then turned around and disappeared into another dark alley.

Tomorrow night at 11:37 pm, he will kill again...

and he will make him watch.

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