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NutPear WereApple Studio

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NutPear WereApple Studio Npwastudio

Nutpear Wereapple Studio
Art, Webdesign and Illustrations

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NutPear WereApple Studio 62046_461306388981_785618981_6447795_6125408_n
cookiedrops & VanS3n

She is cookiedrops (Cookeh) and he is VanS3n. Two crazy people who decided to make a site together.. yay!! *appee dance* .

cookiedrops (Cookeh) is currently based in Rome, Italy armed with her web skills, design antics, trusty cameras and supah Cookeh moves she rules Nutpear Wereapple with an iron sewing needle. She has addiction to babies and cute stuffs like.. hmmm... babies... yeah.. and more cute stuffs like.. *thinks*.. oh yeah.. more babies. XD XD XD XD

VanS3n on the other hand is based in Iloilo City, Philippines. Has an obsession for cameras and films, he likes to go about the city and take photos of everything and anything. His hands are usually dirty from drawing or painting anything, he leads Nutpear Wereapple with a giant pencil. Has addiction for sweets led him to be diabetic.. >.<; .. hey just a mild one you know and not to mention an incurable addiction to "cookein". Dreaming about longboarding, he would nag about it so often it gets annoying.

Art, design and photography.. and then some... like.. food.. yesh food is good.

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