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Nutpears by NutPearWereApple

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1 Nutpears by NutPearWereApple on Sun Dec 05, 2010 10:37 am




A toy series project of NutPear WereApple.

Inspired by the pear in the logo, each Nutpear is handmade by Cookeh based on the designs created by VanS3n. The toy series project came into being when the two decided to collaborate online for Nutpear Wereapple. The actual concept of the Nutpears came from the scribbles of VanS3n as he and Cookeh were pondering on the logo for their online projects. Cookeh being fond of making plushies herself, decided to work on creating a plushy version of the pear in their logo. Liking the idea, both her and VanS3n started experimenting with different concepts on the pear plushy and thus Nutpears.

plushie design concepts by:
VanS3n -

all the plushies are made by:
Cookeh -

All Plushies are copyright of
NutPear WereApple

NutPearWereApple © 2010

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