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Otaku Geirin Bacolod Chapter-USLS Origin

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1Otaku Geirin Bacolod Chapter-USLS Origin Empty Otaku Geirin Bacolod Chapter-USLS Origin on Wed Mar 31, 2010 12:22 am

Otaku Geirin Bacolod Chapter-USLS was created first and foremost as a branch of Otaku Geirin IloIlo which is the main branch that is an in house or should I say official club of the Central Philippine University.

This club was formed this year 2010 so its still basically a baby. This club however is also independent or in modern language "indie" since the founders of this sub branch was born and raised and still living in Bacolod City today

This club is also in housed by the University of St. La Salle. But we by all means look up to our main branch. That aside, the Otaku Geirin Bacolod Chapter was also established due to high demand from the Otakus that are living here in Bacolod or the City of Smiles. They want their thirst for anime and manga and anything Japanese to finally be quenched, and we will give them just that. We will supply you the latest what's what of anything anime and manga and the Japanese culture. So sit back and relax and be a part of this phenomenon.


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