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1Why ANIMOTAKU? Empty Why ANIMOTAKU? on Tue Jun 08, 2010 10:55 pm

I already posted this on FB discussion board, so I will copy-paste it here for others to read.

A lot wondering what's in the name of Otaku Geirin-Bacolod tag "AnimOtaku"

"Animo" is for La Salle as "Central Spirit" in CPU.

You may heard of "Animo La Salle" sometimes as tagline of the school during Sportsfest, U-week or Animolympics (note the use of animo too).

It was planned to be called "Animo Otaku" as an identity to separate from the CPU chapter. But we find it quite long so we shortcut it as "AnimOtaku" by joining the two "O".

And that was how ANIMOTAKU was born.

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