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Since this an official club, we have CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS to follow on...pls kindly read first, but I assure you, you won't regret entering the club, we always take care of our members, and we're not psycho killers or anything like that...*evil grin*


Article I

The Organization

SECTION 1. Title. – That this Constitution and By-Laws shall be known and cited as the “Otaku Geirin Constitution and By-Laws.”

SECTION 2. Name. – That the name of the organization shall be “Otaku Geirin” regardless of the school.

SECTION 3. Definition of Terms. – Certain words shall be defined within the organization. These terms are common words within the organization. These words are as follows:
a.- Otaku (お宅) – a Japanese slang defined as a person with a fondness and has strong attachment to the Japanese Pop Culture especially to Japanese Anime and Manga;
b.- Geirin (芸林)– taken from the Japanese words “Gei” which means art and “Rin” that partakes to a group; defined specifically as art circle with regards to the whole concept of art whether visual art, literary and music;
c.- Anime – is referred to Japanese Animation;
d.- Manga – a Japanese black and white comic book.

Article II

Purpose and Goal of the Organization

SECTION 1. Purpose. – This organization is created to recognize the existence of students and individuals alike with exceptional skills in the field of Japanese Animation. It soul purpose is the bonding and interaction of Otakus within and outside the University that recognizes its existence. That these students may have an identity of their own, that they could be proud of.

SECTION 2. Goal. – The goal of the organization is to enhance the member’s artistic ability in art works, to develop self confidence, to meet new friends and students with the same likes; such as drawing, writing mangas, and animation. It will also help motivate students to develop their social skills.

Article III


SECTION 1. Members. – Any bona fide student of any school that recognizes Otaku Geirin as a bona fide registered organization can avail membership into the organization, but is required to have the conviction and sincerity in participating to any activity of the organization. That said member must have the trait of a true Otaku or must be fond of Japanese Anime, Mangas and anything related to the Japanese Pop culture.

SECTION 2. Recruitment of New Members. – The organization may recruit or accept new members on the time period allotted by the school. New members will be under probation first before they can be truly accepted into the organization. The old members of the organization have the final decision of whether he or she will be accepted.

SECTION 3. Honorary Members. – The organization shall recognize former members such as alumni and transferees as honorary members, such that they are still participating in any activity of the organization. Original and old members of CPU Otaku Organization of whom are not part of Otaku Geirin shall be deemed honorary members of the organization only if they will choose to be recognized as so.

SECTION 4. Chapter. – That Otaku Geirin shall recognize its members by classifying them into chapters according to the school. That each chapter shall be deemed independent from the other, having their own Executive Officers as defined by Article IV.

Article IV

Executive Officers

SECTION 1. Executive Officers. – The executive officers of the organization shall be a President, one or more Vice-Presidents, a Treasurer, and a Secretary, all whom shall be elected by all the members.

All the officers shall hold office for one year until their successors are duly elected and qualified.

SECTION2. President. – The President shall be the chief executive officer of the organization. He shall preside at all the meetings of the members. He shall have general supervision of the affairs and property of the organization and over it’s several officers and members. He shall submit to the members of the organization at each annual meeting a complete report of the operation of the organization for the preceding year.

SECTION 3. Vice-President. – Each Vice-President shall have such powers and perform such duties as the President may from time to time prescribe. In case of absence or inability of the President, the first Vice-President shall exercise the powers and discharge the duties of the President.

SECTION 4. Secretary. – The Secretary shall keep the minutes of the meetings of the members in a book kept for that purpose. He shall keep all records of activities and documents pertaining to the organization. He shall also has the complete list of members and their particulars. He shall keep the seal/logo of the organization.

SECTION 5. Treasurer. – The Treasurer shall have charge of the funds, receipts and disbursement of the organization. He shall take charge in keeping all the money of the organization. He shall render to the President when required, or upon the request of the majority of the members, an account of the financial condition of the organization and of all transactions made by him as Treasurer. He shall keep corrects books of accounts of all transactions of the organization.

Article V


SECTION 1. Annual Meeting. – The annual meetings of the members of each chapter shall be held at the schedule agreed by all members of the organization of which will favorable to the majority of the members of the organization. That once such schedule shall be made effect, the organization shall practice the implementation of the scheduled meeting on the current school year.

SECTION 2. Special Meetings. – Special meetings of the members of each chapter may be called by the President on or any of the officers of the chapter provided that due notice is given before hand.

SECTION 3. General Meetings. – General meetings shall be deemed the gathering of all members of the organization regardless of chapter. That said general meetings shall be held at a schedule agreed by the chapter executive officers and the majority of their members.

SECTION 4. Notices. – Notice of the time and place of annual and special meetings of the members shall be given either personally or by mail, addressed to each member of record at the official address left by such member with the Secretary of the organization, or at his last known address at least one (1) week before the date set for such meeting. The notice of every special meeting shall state briefly thew purpose of the meeting and no other business shall be acted upon at such meeting except by the consent of all the members present at such meeting. For General meetings, the notice shall be given at least one (1) week before the date of meeting of which each chapter shall be informed through their respective executive officers.

SECTION 5. Quorum. – A quorum for any meeting of the members shall consist of the majority of the members, and a majority of such quorum shall decide any question at the meeting.

SECTION 6. Order of Business. – The order of business at the annual meeting of the members shall be as follows:
a.- Proof of the required notice of the meeting;
b.- Proof of the presence of the quorum;
c.- Reading of the minutes of the previous meeting and action taken thereon;
d.- Unfinished business;
e.- New business;
f.- Election of officers for the ensuing year.

Article VI

Seal / Logo

SECTION 1. Form. – The seal/logo of the organization shall, unless otherwise decided by the majority of the members of the organization, bear the words “Otaku Geirin” regardless of the chapter. Each chapter shall have the freedom to indicate their chapter on the lower part of the official seal only if it does not alter or destroy the original seal or logo.

SECTION 2. Usage of the Seal/Logo. – Only members of the organization have the right to use the Seal/Logo of the organization. Publication and usage of the seal/logo outside the organization must first seek the approval of the majority of the members. Each chapter has the freedom to indicate their chapter only if it does not alter or destroy the original seal or logo.

Article VII

Amendment of the By-Laws

SECTION 1. Amendments. – These by-laws or any of them may be amended or repealed by the majority of the members at any regular or special meeting dully called for the purpose.

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2CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS Empty Arigato! on Wed Mar 31, 2010 2:14 am

uwah, arigato na! U saved me from doing this :beg:

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