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The Little Prince

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1The Little Prince Empty The Little Prince on Sun Jun 20, 2010 6:28 pm


Unfortunately I don't even belong in this category! XD
I am soooooo not a bookworm XD
If it isn't for my studies, or unless you pay me like 1 M pesos, I won't pick up those things called "Books"
But there is one book I have read from the cover to the back page...
Yes! Only one!
And its The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
I've cried a few times when I read the author's note, and everytime I read this, I got sent back to my childhood.
Its a great book!
Not too many words, a lot of illustrations and it was made for light reading!!! (AKA few pages and no big words)
I'm telling you, if you're not a fan of heavy reading, then this is the book for you! ^^
because then what point would it be to read it?
Instead I'm gonna paste a link to the bottom where you can read this great book!
Take it from a non-bookworm...
This book's awesome!

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2The Little Prince Empty Re: The Little Prince on Fri Jul 23, 2010 1:31 pm


aw come one...reading is fuuuuuuuuun >:D *cough* sorry bookworm mode was on...
anyway I love that one it's a classic! I love the part about the Boa Constrictor that swallowed an elephant ( am I right my childhood days were a bit blur you see)
Since I was bit of dum-dum in my kid's days I didn't really understand the story much but...though, I love the illustrations !

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3The Little Prince Empty Re: The Little Prince on Sun Aug 01, 2010 7:16 pm


so true! <3
a book for all ages <333

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4The Little Prince Empty Re: The Little Prince on Sat Feb 05, 2011 2:44 am

Here's a goodone. "A Child Called It" not a tale for everyone but I highly suggest it. It's basically about an abused child whos mother is seemingly just mad at his existence and tortures him. Not bathing him...Not feeding him... Etc.

Heres a quick summary:
This book chronicles the unforgettable account of one of the most severe child abuse cases in California history. It is the story of Dave Pelzer, who was brutally beaten and starved by his emotionally unstable, alcoholic mother: a mother who played tortuous, unpredictable games--games that left him nearly dead. He had to learn how to play his mother's games in order to survive because she no longer considered him a son, but a slave; and no longer a boy, but an "it."

Dave's bed was an old army cot in the basement, and his clothes were torn and raunchy. When his mother allowed him the luxury of food, it was nothing more than spoiled scraps that even the dogs refused to eat. The outside world knew nothing of his living nightmare. He had nothing or no one to turn to, but his dreams kept him alive--dreams of someone taking care of him, loving him and calling him their son.

My Review:
***** stars out of *****
I have to say I read this book twice and even the second time reading it, I couldn't put it down. You should read it.

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