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What is this all about anyway?What is an OTAKU?

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Well for all those who are not familiar what this organization is about,here is a brief overview,we will be posting this later on on the site clearly so when a newbie or a potential OTAKU waiting to burst out happens to stroll along it would be crstal clear... ;)

Otaku (お宅) – a Japanese slang defined as a person with a fondness and has strong attachment to the Japanese Pop Culture especially to Japanese Anime and Manga

Geirin (芸林) – taken from the Japanese words “Gei” which means art and “Rin” that partakes to a group; defined specifically as art circle with regards to the whole concept of art whether visual art, literary and music

• Purpose
This organization is created to recognize the existence of students and individuals alike with exceptional skills in the field of Japanese Animation. It soul purpose is the bonding and interaction of Otakus within and outside the school it is based from that recognizes its existence. That these students may have an identity of their own, that they could be proud of.

• Goal
The goal of the organization is to enhance the member’s artistic ability in art works, to develop self confidence, to meet new friends and students with the same likes; such as drawing, writing, and making mangas, and animation. It will also help motivate students to develop their social skills.

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